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STARTnet is a systemized online art platform highlighting Asian emerging artists and their works, which were carefully selected by the Global Eye Programme in this decade. Combined with the most up to date blockchain technology in South Korea, STARTnet will be the best opportunity for art lovers to discover, collect, and learn about Asian artists online.

Blockchain based smart platform incentivizes users share and upload valuable information and buy artworks safely
Global Eye’s professional team select masterpieces of the promising emerging artists, and support their sustainable growth
Real time P2P transaction, re-sale, artist rights, and low commission allow collectors and artist create and share value

Why STARTnet

There are amazing artists based in Asia with the capacity to garner international attention. But, unfortunately they seldom have the opportunity to shine beyond their borders due to the language barriers, limited access to promotion, and low recognition. For many Asian artists, appearing on an international art fair or auction may be the apex and limit in their careers.

During the past decade, the Global Eye program has discovered talented artists in underdeveloped countries across Asia, and greatly contributed their careers by launching them internationally.

STARTnet, shares Global Eye's achievement over the past ten years in their website, so that more people all over the world can discover and purchase amazing artworks by emerging artists from Asia. It promotes the Global Eye's offline events in order to, support the artists' success, and to guarantee their resale rights. This collaboration encourages mutual growth and sets the groundwork for a healthy art market.

STARTnet's blockchain technology prevents fraud, insures transparency in the transactions, and enables real-time resale, thus leading a new trend in the online art market.

What we can do

  • Information

    Access to up to date information about each artists and artworks

  • Price

    Transparent transaction record allows to track artwork price.P2P business model lowers commission fee

  • Collect

    Easily collect reliable artworks of selected Asian emerging artists

  • Communicate

    Reach out to the artists or representative anytime anywhere

  • Re-sale

    Easily resell your collection that you have purchased from STARTnet

  • Artist rights

    We guarantee artist rights for all the artists in STARTnet

STARTnet Platform Features

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Hwang, D


Lee, Doowon


Lee, Hak


Kim, JoongBack


Kim, MyongKyu


Byen, UngPil



Parallel Contemporary Art and the Global Eye Programme have partnered with Seoul-based artist promotion company ARTWA to launch STARTnet
a systemized online art platform highlighting Asian emerging artists and their work


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